February 2024 Calendars

On this page you will find my unique and free printable calendars for February 2024 as well as some information about February etc, and its federal holidays (in the United States of America).

2024 February Calendar with Holidays

Here you will find my 2024 February Calendar with federal holidays added in red text. Keep in mind that when a federal holiday falls on a Saturday it is usually observed on the preceding Friday, also when a holiday falls on a Sunday it is usually observed on the following Monday.

February Information

February is the second month of the year, 2024 is a leap year so this year February has 29 days, February 2024 starts on a Thursday and ends on a Thursday.

Federal Holidays happening in February (United States of America)

Presidents' Day next occurrence is on Monday the 19th of February 2024 and is 144 days away

The rest of my February calendar templates

Below you will find four more 2024 february calendar templates that were uniquely created by me for handycalendars.com. These templates are available for free to print and use as you wish. You can even take the image and post it on your own website or blog I only request you include a link to my website handycalendars.com as credit to me for creating the calendars.

February 2024 Calendar with notes

This is my February 2024 calendar with a notes section on the side. It's in landscape orientation. Select landscape while printing for the best fit on your piece of paper. View March 2024 Calendars View April 2024 Calendars

Vertical February 2024 Calendar

What's a vertical calendar? It's just a calendar that will fit properly in "portrait" orientation while printing. I have two styles of vertical calendars available one with notes and one without. The one to the right of this text is without a note section. Continue scrolling to find another vertical design with a section for notes. View March 2024 Calendars View April 2024 Calendars